Genset order topamax canada SA REEFER GEN

  • 21 KW @ 1500 RPM FAW 4 CYL Diesel engine
  • 20KW Werna Stamford Alternator
  • DSE402 MKII,  waterproof Manual/Automatic Start Control Module designed for genset
  • 160L Aluminium tank  or 180L steel tank
  • Different colour choice available
  • Forklift pockets for ease of mounting the genset

All Genset comes with 100 hours guaranteed

The big advantage of our Genset, it come with a standard 3 point plug so when you need power to work in the workshop or on the road you have the option.  You do not get this luxury with American or Chinese imports

Clean fuel can be a problem in Africa so we have added a new diesel strainer. If you already have a Genset, get in contact. This can be install with 18 spanner with no alterations to existing pips

Unable to get to the top of the engine when mounted under trailer to top up oil? We have improve the design so you can! This is a massive advantage when on the road.

Genset oil top up

We have strengthen the mountings for the engine to last on the degraded  African roads

gen mount